Research interests
My research interests include topics in pure math, including algebraic combinatorics, partition theory and theoretical physics.

Recent Publications

A Class of S-Restricted Compositions, Int. Journal of Number Theory, 15 (2) 2019, 361–371 (with M. Glunčić)

Two infinite families of terminating binomial sums, Period Math Hung, 75(2), 2017, 244-254

Algebraic Properties of the Canonical Incidence Matrix of a Biplane, Discrete Math, 340/12, 2017, 2807-2812

Two Extensions of the Sury’s Identity, Amer. Math. Monthly, 123 (9), 2016, p.919.

Some Families of Identities for the Integer Partition Function, Math. Commun., 20(2), 2015, 193-200. (with D. Svrtan)


Recent Talks and Seminars

“Lattice Paths Enumeration and Positive Matrices” , University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2018

“Enumeration of some families of lattice paths – bijective proofs”, seminar, Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, 2017 abstract, photo.

“Something new of MacMahon’s theorem on plane partitions”, seminar, Department of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, 2017 abstract.

“Symmetric Association Schemes and Finite Geometries” , 20th Scientific-Professional Colloquium on Geometry and Graphics, Fužine, 2017 abstract.

“Slutnje o Durfeevim matricama i ekstenzijama MacMachonovog teorema” , Workshop in graph theory and applications, University of Mostar, 2017 abstract (cro), in media



University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science
Bijenička c. 32, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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